Schrobzuigmachine Coral 65M

Ride-on machine, compact with a suction width of 860 cm, easy handling, possibility of ½ turn in a circle of 150 cm. The Coral is a robust machine, modern design with industrial characteristics (capacity of tanks, brush pressure, movement speed) Equipped with a motor wheel with electromagnetic brake, with big not marking anti-skid wheels. Digital and ergonomic display for a better management of the machine. There are the possibility to have an incorporated charger in the machine (option PLUS), also a system 3sd (electronic management of the water and products consumption) in function of the type of work and floor. 

Schuurbreedte660 mm
Breedte zuigmond820 mm
Borsteldiameter2x345 mm
Borstelsnelheid190 Tr/min
BorsteldrukRegelbaar 60 kg
Borstelmotor650 W
Max Stijgingshoek10%
Zuigmotor580 W
Properwatertank100 L
Vuilwatertank 105 L
Afmetingen152x73x132h cm
Gewicht ( zonder batt)260 kg
Batterij (werktijd)24V/240Ah/5h (3h)

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